Acanthicus adonis

Acanthicus adonis

Very much a generalist or opportunist feeder, this species is happy with most good quality aquarium foods, and will also eat many other foods as offered to other loricariid catfish, from fruit and vegetables through to molluscs, crustaceans and even pieces of fish. They do graze wood, although whether this is a requirement or whether it is just as part of their general grazing is not known.


To keep more than one individual would require a huge aquarium. A single adult male can easily be the most dominant fish in a 1000 gallon aquarium with other large neotropical fish, and other catfish housed with one need to be robust. There should be ample refuges for all the catfish, as when this fish decides to take one over it will regardless of whether the rightful owner is present or not. Care should probably be taken not to house them with other highly competitive loricariids such as Pseudacanthicus etc., as this is likely to result in serious injuries or death to one or both fish.

One specimen was observed to have killed a very large P. gibbiceps by stripping the skin from the fish when it tried to escape into a refuge that was too small.

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